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Bayer offers excellent development opportunities for students and graduates who are ready to use their theoretical and academic knowledge in the working world.

As one of the world’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies, we offer great opportunities for internships, apprenticeships and degree dissertations – in a working environment full of experienced, inspired and dedicated colleagues.

You can find out about our current job offerings with our easy-to-use job search.

Our service section contains useful information, forms and important deadlines for your reference. You can also learn about upcoming graduate fairs, where you can talk to our colleagues from Recruiting in person. We look forward to meeting you!


Students @ Bayer

It may be tough having to decide what you should do once you finish your studies – but it is definitely good if you have several options to choose from.

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Are you interested in getting the right qualifications for a career tailored to your ideas and dedicated to advancing our company?

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