At Bayer you will be working in a challenging and empowering environment

Passion for brand building

At Bayer we are united and inspired by our mission “Science for a Better Life” to build brands that improve and touch people’s lives. Bayer has a strong heritage in innovation and quality, translated into brands that have a purpose and connect with our customers.

Marketing is the key to taking care of this connection and we love our brands! Here are some examples:

  • Every day, we challenge ourselves to help people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

  • Help for Tacloban

  • Consumer Health Brands

Brand builders

At Bayer we are all brand builders, yet marketers are in the leading role! Any marketer joining Bayer, independent of experience level, has access to learning programs dedicated to marketing and development opportunities.

In a rapidly evolving world, we want to make sure that our people keep abreast of the latest brand building skills, from brand architecture to shopper marketing, master brand to activation, brand portfolio to marketing in a digital age, just to name a few.

Meet our Marketing employees worldwide

With our diverse businesses and locations all over the world, Bayer marketers can benefit from different experiences at local, regional or global level, on long term or short term assignments, to further develop themselves and explore different job options. Our main sites are in Germany, USA, China, Brazil, Switzerland, Japan and France but we have Bayer offices pretty much all over the world.

Our Marketing team works from numerous locations around the world:

locations all around the world


Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Career Website


Bayer offers a variety of options that allow employees to choose the most appropriate work schedule to support both their personal and professional needs, be it through flexible working hours and models or the flexibility to work from home or any other place in the world.

Especially in marketing it is often possible to pursue an international career that can take you to various countries.

We ensure a high level of social protection in our workplaces. Nearly all Bayer Group employees have health insurance as well as access to a company pension plan. Working conditions for over half of our employees are governed by collective or company agreements. We are constantly working to increase the benefits we provide and our goal for the future is to have the highest level of social protection available to all employees.

Meet your potential colleagues:

How do we build brands?

At Bayer we use our LIFE values of leadership, integrity, flexibility and efficiency to guide us in everything we do. These are our guiding principles, which translate then into behaviors such as collaboration, customer focus, experimentation and trust.

You are welcome to join a truly collaborative environment, where people’s opinions and contribution are valued. Our spaces are being redesigned to encourage collaboration and engagement, with more open spaces, innovative workspaces, meeting areas and relaxation areas.

Bayer Marketing encourages collaboration and fosters work-life-balance:

  • Switzerland

  • Switzerland

  • Whippany

  • Whippany

  • Whippany

  • Pittsburgh

  • Pittsburgh

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