Why Bayer

Values & Stories

“Passion to innovate | Power to change” expresses what someone who works or wants to work for Bayer can expect and what characterizes us as an employer. But what does Bayer have to do with fish? Or with gigantic science-fiction-like trees? You will find the answers in the stories below. They will help you understand the message behind the pictures and how they are related to our values.

Latest story: The Secret of the Bridge

The U Bein Bridge is the world’s longest bridge made of teak wood. It’s about 1,200 meters long and over 160 years old. Throngs of people use it every day. That the bridge exists is thanks to a remarkable man. Find out how the passion of one man changed the future of generations for the better and how this all fits with our employer brand “Passion to innovate | Power to change”.

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David against Goliath

Why did we choose a picture of a school of fish for our new employer brand? The story behind this picture shows how dedication can improve the lives of many people. And that is exactly where it connects to us and our employer brand. Find out for yourself.

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Singapore’s Supertrees

What does Bayer have to do with futuristic looking trees? Given, the Supertrees look like they are taken straight out of a science-fiction movie. But they are real and part of a unique and visionary project to make Singapore a liveable city in the future. Take a closer look at the Supertrees and find out how this project embodies “Passion to innovate”.

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Sky-high vegetables

Do you want to know how this pretty garden atop of a skyscraper is connected to Bayer? Rooftop gardens are an easily realisable sustainability project for cities, but also for companies like Bayer. Find out more about this trend and how we use it at our own locations.                 

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Rice for a hungry planet

Why did we choose this picture of two people walking through rise terraces for our employer brand? Rice is an important food source for a large part of humanity and Bayer helps the farmers to increase their harvest. Find out here how we help them.

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Healthy for Life

We are leading increasingly healthy lives and living longer. And that’s the way to go. But it poses new challenges, also for us as a Life Science company, because the biggest changes occurring in health care today are coming from the customers themselves. This is symbolized by the two runners pictured in one of our employer branding motif

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Bringing light into darkness

What do northern lights have to do with Bayer? To get a picture like our employer brand photo you have to be willing to strike out into unexplored territory. Find out more about how this photo was taken and how it all connects to the spirit of researchers.

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Bridging Distances

Why does a doctor in a rural area of Argentina represent our employer brand? Helping people without access to medical treatment can take many forms. In places where people cannot go to the doctor, the doctors come to them. This spirit is what drives us every day.

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Work and Life in Balance

A given? No. Possible? Of course! The family leave for mothers and fathers is only one building block in Bayer´s approach. The company offers a full package of possibilities to provide room for employees who want to individually manage their working time and adapt it to their needs.

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